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Client Results

Working with SJ Fitness has been awesome!

In just 8 weeks I have dropped 3% bodyfat and gained muscle mass. As well as increasing my 4 big lifts, bench going from 1RM of 100kg to 110kg!

Not to mention the invaluable support and motivation the team offer online. Thanks SJ!”- Elliott Power
“SJ Fitness are bang on; expert, friendly, always available, and genuinely concerned for you.

I’m really enjoying the whole process. In the 3 months I’ve been with SJ Fitness I have dropped over 10lbs and got to that elusive goal of 10% body fat, which I am extremely happy with! I can’t thank the guy’s enough. - James Henton

SJ Fitness were great to me and helped me get the confidence to even become one with myself, always made sure I knew what I was doing and always helpful with all the different questions I had!- Tyler Smith

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