30 Ways to build more muscle than you have ever dreamed of. (Part 1)

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We have split this blog into two parts for you.

In these two blogs we will give you 30 DREAM ways that you can build more muscle than you have ever dreamed of.

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Lets kick off with Part 1


1. Build a Base

We all start from somewhere, the first time we all step into a gym we went there to get bigger, build more muscle and improve our physiques otherwise why would we be there in the first place?

You have to build a solid base before you start getting all specific and try bringing up lagging bodypart's or to sculpt a specific muscle group. What is the point of trying to sculpt a muscle if there is nothing to sculpt? A great quote for this is “stop trying to sculpt a pebble, build a rock first”

When you first step into the gym focus on adding mass to you overall frame instead of just adding mass to your biceps and triceps.


2. Sleep More

Sleep is one of the most overlooked aspects of building muscle and getting jacked. If you’re trying to build muscle off 3 hours sleep as a natural trainer good luck!

Sleep is extremely anabolic, it is crucial for recovery. Plus it’s FREE!

So make sure you’re getting your 7-8 hours a night.


3. Rest More

Rest is so important when it actually comes to building muscle. Yes you need to train hard in the gym to give your body a reason to change. But if you’re going to the gym 7 days a week or maybe you’re doing 2 sessions a day, how on earth do you expect your body to adapt to the training and actually grow?

Make sure that you are taking at least 1-2 rest days in your training split. If you don’t do this you will more than likely end up demotivated burnt out and injured.


4. Be Consistent

There is one thing in this world that will ensure that you get insane results in the gym. But is also the one thing that is always overlooked and that is CONSISTENCY!

In today’s world of training and nutrition everybody is arguing and fussing about the perfect macro split, the perfect training split, the most optimal rep range. But all of this means jack shit if you’re not consistent with it.

What is the point of doing a 6 day split if you know you can only get to the gym 4 times a week?

What is the point of doing the latest low carb fad, if you know for a fact that you love carbs?

Find a training plan and nutrition plan that you can be ridiculously consistent with for the long term.

If you find something you can be consistent with year after year, you will get some amazing results!


5. Functional and “Unconventional training will not get you jacked

You’re into functional and unconventional training whatever this means. You’re obsessed with waving a weighted stick in the air or doing countless wood chops on the cable machines because it improves your core strength.

But you cannot squat your own bodyweight or you struggle to lift any sort of weight over your head. What do you think will build more muscle a good old fashioned squat or a one legged pistol squat while waving a sparkler in your hand?

Unless you’re a high end athlete and your specific sport requires a specific style of training stay away from all this if your goal is to build muscle.

6. Don’t be a jack of all trades

If your main goal is to build pure muscle right now, focus on that and just that in the gym. Get so tunneled vision that every time you step foot in the gym your workouts match your goal.

Don’t be one of these people who wants to build muscle but is then doing crunches on a swiss ball one week and then the next week is doing an insanity class. Become a master at building muscle, make sure every session is dedicated to that specific goal.


7. Stop fucking around in the gym!

It seems like the majority of people are more interested in posting about going to the gym or finding the best possible picture to put on Instagram. To build muscle you have to put the work in at the gym.

That 60 – 90 minutes in the gym needs to be spent productively, its work time it is a chance for you to get closer to your goal of being jacked and huge. But if you’re constantly on your phone you will never have the focus it takes to build muscle.


8. Don't follow the huge guys advice

This one I fell for all the time when I was younger. Just because the huge guy in the gym says you have to eat 300g of protein a day in order to build muscle, does not mean it’s true.

Do not take his advice as gospel. You don’t know anything about this guy, he could have been training for at least 10 years while you’re still in your first year. He has completely different genetics to you, for all you know he could be on steroids.

Yes ask peoples advice, but do not take that advice as the golden truth. Do your own research find out who are the most respectable names in the industry and read everything they have written about building muscle.


9. Ask for help if you need it

This brings me onto my next point. If you are struggling in the gym, your trying everything and nothing your doing is working please ask for help. Don’t suffer in silence, don’t let your ego get in the way of you asking for help.

We all need help at one point or another and everybody who works in a gym should be there to help you.


10. Ego Lifting will get you injured

Speaking of ego it is the one thing that can easily get in the way of us building muscle and getting truly huge. Ego lifting happens in every single gym and if you get in a habit of doing it on a regular basis like I used to you will come unstuck.

Lifting weights that you are not ready to even think about lifting is a recipe for disaster, plus lifting these weights with piss poor technique will seriously harm your gainz.

                                  IS THIS YOU??

                                 IS THIS YOU??

11. Stop trying to impress everyone

If you’re sole reason, for going to the gym and lifting weights is simply to impress other people, then it will not be a big enough motivation to keep you going long term. It may be the reason that got you going to the gym in the first place, to impress the girls but it will not keep you going.

You need more of an internal motivation to keep going to the gym and achieve the physique you want. Find your true why of going to the gym.


12. Track your training

A pen and a note pad are two things you need in the gym. Everybody has the latest gym wear, the newest squat shoes but nobody has a pen and a notepad.

You need this to track your training. If you don’t track you’re training your just guessing all the time and making it up on the spot.

The one thing you need to build muscle is to do more work over time. This work can come from more weight, more reps or more sets but if you don’t have a record of anything how do you expect to improve and lift more and build more muscle?


13. Train body parts more frequently

This bring me onto our next point. As a natural trainer we cannot train like the pros. They have far superior genetics plus theyheavily rely on steroids. So for us to try and copy their training plans is a huge mistake.

There are a lot of studies out there now, that show if you’re a natural trainer you are far better off training muscle groups more frequently throughout the week.

We wrote a whole blog on this topic, click HERE to check it out.


14. Lift in the 8 – 15 rep range

Again this comes down to really focusing on your specific goal and for this blog it is to build muscle simple as that.

Now there is nothing inheritably magical about this rep range. It will not turn you into a tank overnight. But what it will do is give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to muscle gain. It will allow you to accumulate a decent amount of training volume to grow. Plus it will allow you to train through a wide range of rep ranges and target different muscle fibers.


15. Stick to the plan

Going back to point 4 of being consistent, you have to be consistent with your training program. I was guilty of this in the past I would start a new program, then I would end up getting bored and try another one.

Not to mention all of these programs were over the top bodybuilding plans that were endorsed by the pros.

Whatever program you decided to follow, give yourself a chance by sticking to it for at least 8 weeks.

Especially when it comes to building muscle if your patient GAINZ will come!


That is Part 1 covered.

Click HERE to check out part 2, for another 15 ways in which you can build more muscle.

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