30 Ways to build more muscle than you have ever dreamed of - Part 2

We are back with part 2 of our ultimate guide to getting jacked and staying jacked!

Like all dream films this blog deserved a sequel and here it is.

Really hope you enjoyed part 1 if you haven’t checked part 1 out yet, you can do so by clicking HERE.

But let’s get on with the show.

In this part we are going to give you another 15 ways on how you can build more muscle than you have ever dreamed of!

Some will be training based.

Some will be nutrition based.

Some will be mind-set based.

Some will be based off past experiences, which I can tell you there have been A LOT OF!

So are you ready for more GAINZ?

Let’s Go!

16. Eat More

Now this one may seem obvious. But you would be amazed with how many people do not get this right!

The absolute basics of building muscle are:

  1. Training in a progressive way that gets you doing more work over time.

  2. Being in a CALORIE SURPLUS.

These are the absolute basics.

You HAVE to be in a calorie surplus in order to gain weight and muscle.

All this means is that you have to be eating more calories than you are burning on a day to day basis. This will be different for everyone.

But a simple rule of thumb is, if you have not been gaining weight for a week or two, you need to eat more simple as that.

17. Just “Eat Big” is awful advice!

Now this may sound like I am contradicting myself from point 1, but hear me out.

You hear it all the time when people say.

“I just want to get big and huge”

The normal response they get back from their gym buddy is.

“You just got to eat big to get big bro”

Yes that may be true to a certain extent BUT there is no point on you going on some massive 5000 calorie mega bulk diet if you only weigh 70 kilos and you sit at a desk all day.

If you go on these crazy mega dirty bulking diets, yes you may put on a bit of muscle, but you will also put on a ton of fat, which you then have to get rid of all again.

Be smart about it. Yes you want to be in a calorie surplus, but start with a small surplus.

For example you eat 10% over your maintenance calories, monitor and adjust if progress stalls.

Don’t start having 3 Big Macs a day and 3 weight gain shakes a day.

18. Stop obsessing about your abs

This is one that held me back for years! You know the story, you start your bulking season.

Everything is going well, you feel stronger, you look bigger, and you look like a tank in your t-shirts. But 6 weeks in you realise that your abs are going into hiding.

So you panic! You subconsciously start to consume less food and probably start adding cardio in.

I am right?

By being on this awful roundabout all year round, you never actually build new muscle and get bigger.

Building muscle will take time. You may put on a tiny bit of fat and those abs may take a sabbatical, but don’t worry they will be back with vengeance. If you stay the course.

19. Embrace the GAINZ!

This brings me nicely onto my next point. If you can get into a positive mind-set before the bulk starts this will set you up for the win.

Just embrace all things bulking! Accept that you may put on a little bit of fat. But think of the long term picture.

Plus think about all the positives that come with bulking.

You can eat more food.

You can be a lot more flexible with your food choices.

Your strength will sky rocket.

You should feel awesome in the gym.

Energy will be great.

Performance will be good.

Get in this positive mind-set, embrace the gains and results and progression will follow.

20. Accept it will take some time

This brings us onto our next point perfectly.

From a personal point of view, this was my biggest breakthrough, you see when I was younger, I was always looking for the magic pill, always looking for the secret formula to fast muscle growth.

The truth is, there isn’t one.

There are many different factors that will affect how quickly you can add muscle.

Your training age, you’re individual genetics, your training program, your nutrition and your rest and recovery all play a part in muscle growth.

Not to mention all the extra help that people will take.

For me I know that I am not genetically blessed when it comes to building muscle, but that is no excuse!

I have accepted that fact, I train with weights because I love it and I want to compete in natural bodybuilding.

I don’t train with weights to see how many likes I can get on Instagram.

                                                  RELAX GAINZ TAKE TIME

                                                 RELAX GAINZ TAKE TIME

21. Learn the big moves

The big four have been around in gym for years and years and for a very good reason.

I am talking about

The Squat.

The Deadlift.

The Bench Press.

The Overhead Press.

What a line up!

These moves are fantastic for building muscle, gaining strength and getting absolutely jacked.

Learn them, master them and apply them.

22. Train your lower body!

Going to the gym and training with weights is all about, achieving the best possible physique you can.

Your lower body is a huge part of your overall physique and it plays a huge role in getting utterly jacked!

The quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes are all hugely powerful muscle groups and they have huge potential to grow a lot of muscle.

But you will never know how much muscle you can truly build if you never ever train your lower body.

Don’t be one of those people who has a huge upper body, but you never see their legs.


23. Time under Tension is not everything

Time under tension or TUT has really become popular over the last few years.

With many people claiming it is the magic sauce for incredible muscle gains.

Saying that your sets have to last 40 seconds, anything under 40 seconds and you have no chance of building muscle.

Again this is a prime example of missing the forest for the trees, focusing on the tiniest of details but expecting huge results.

Yes lift your weights with control and proper technique, but don’t get into the habit of doing these ridiculously slow sets and expecting huge muscle growth.

There are far more important things to focus on.

24. Learn to Autoregulate yourself

Your probably thinking what is he talking about here!?

Autoregulation has been a huge part of my training the last year and it has made a big difference.

It is basically training smart.

Not going into the gym and thinking that you have to smash yourself every session.

I used to try and initiate beast mode every single session even if I was feeling like shit!

Take a step back and take emotion out of your training, be honest with yourself.

If you feel great, you have slept well, nutrition is on point and your stress free, then go ahead and smash your training!

But if there are days when you are not feeling too great, maybe you had an awful night’s sleep, maybe you are really stressed out at work at the moment. Then this is the time to scale training back a bit.

This is all about looking at the big picture and getting GAINZ for years and years and not just for a couple of weeks.

25. Structure your training

Before you set foot in the gym, you should know what you’re training that day, you should know your exercises, your sets, and your reps.

Things may change slightly based on how you feel that day.

Don’t walk into the gym have a look around and say to yourself I might train arms today. Or you’re just walking around the gym floor and doing exercises that you feel like doing that day.

You can only blag muscle gain for a small period of time after that you will come unstuck.

          DON'T BE THIS GUY!

         DON'T BE THIS GUY!

26. Supplements will not get you jacked

We have seen it all before the latest muscle building supplement hits the stores and it reads 400% MORE MUSCLE IN 8 WEEKS!

I’m not sure how they even quantify that sort of number. But supplements will not get you jacked. In fact they play a very small part in the overall picture.

Yes some are extremely helpful like Whey protein, creatine monohydrate, omega 3s and vitamin d. But many of them just do not have the scientific evidence to back them up. Not to mention they are extremely expensive.

We always say if you are spending more money on supplements per month than you are spending on food then there is a problem.

27. Do not be scare of “junk” food

This is a topic we have covered in depth recently and we have written a full blog on this topic which you can check out HERE

But when you’re in a calorie surplus, you may be eating more calories than you are actually used to, this means consuming more food to achieve your goal.

Believe me when I say trying to get all of these foods from “clean” foods is a complete pain in the arse.

Trying to force down your 5th serving of cold, dry, bland, boring chicken breast with cold vegetables is not fun and it is not sustainable.

Don’t be afraid to get a small majority of your calories from “junk” food that you really love eating.

28. No one cares how much you lift!

How much do you bench bro??

We see this all the time in gyms people bragging about how much weight that can lift on a specific lift, again it comes down to ego and my bench is bigger than your bench.

Now yes if you’re a powerlifter and your specific sport calls for you to lift as much weight as you can on a specific lift that is cool.

But this blog is all about building muscle and getting jacked.

If your main goal is to build muscle, why are you soo concerned with testing your 1RM every session with piss poor form?

You would be MUCH better off improving your 6RM, 8RM, 10RM etc. As these rep ranges will serve your muscle building goals a lot better.

29. Always going EXTREME is not the answer

This is the case with the fitness industry as a whole. People think that doing the most extreme things all the time will bring the best results.

Well in fact you may be much better off scaling it back a bit and looking for something you can be consistent with.

Take me when I was younger. I was ALWAYS doing these crazy training programs. 50 reps on bicep curls, 40 reps on lateral raises, 30 reps on bench press, 20 reps on squats. In reality my body was just not ready for this amount of training volume.

In the end I would always end up picking up injuries and progression would come to a grinding stop.

Yes you want to challenge yourself in the gym and push yourself. But if after every single session you feel like throwing up something is wrong!

30. Focus on what works!

I think we have a tendency to always obsess over the little things in life and this could not be truer when it comes to building muscle.

We are always looking for the magical program that will turn us into Arnie in a few weeks.

We are always looking for that one supplement that will get us HUGE in a week.

These things do not exist!

But you can still achieve an outstanding physique by focussing on what works and what you can control.

So for pure muscle growth you want to make sure you are in a small to moderate calorie surplus.

Like we mentioned earlier 10% over your maintenance calories is a good place to start.

With training you need to ensure you are doing more work each week.

If every single week you are doing the same reps, same sets and same weight you will never grow.

Make sure you are giving your body a reason to grow!



There we have it.

Over the course of this 2 part special we have given you 30 ways that you can build more muscle than you have ever dreamed of.


Now is the time to take ACTION!

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