5 Ways you can become Unstoppable in the Gym!

First things first this is not going to be your typical average motivational bullshit pieces, where we mention lions and sheep every paragraph. So if you’re expecting some airy fairy piece that probably won’t be of any help to you it’s probably best that you read an article from Men’s health or Flex magazine.


If you want 5 practical, easy and simple ways that you can start using in the gym today that will help you get the results that you want then read on……..

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On with the blog, here we go!


1. Track It or Lose It

One of the cheapest but most underrated pieces of gym equipment is a notepad and a pen. This is a topic we have covered in depth recently on social media. If you really want to see progress in the gym and get the results you want then you really have to track your training.

No one on this planet is above tracking their training and in fact you will find the individuals who have the most jacked physiques are the guys who have tracked for the longest period of times.

It comes down to that classic saying ‘if you don’t know where you are, how do you know where you are going?’

This is so true when it comes to training, if you have absolutely no record of your training how do you know what changes to make to ensure that progress does not stall.

For muscle growth to happen you HAVE to follow some sort of progressive overload model, if you have not tracked training and you have gained muscle you have followed progressive overload without even knowing it.

But you can only continue this way for a small period of time, you cannot carry on blagging muscle growth.

The smallest change you can make to your training today that will have the biggest affect is to start tracking.

You don’t need fancy excel spreadsheets or an ipad to do this. Just take a notepad and pen with you and start logging your sets, your reps and the weights you have lifted.

Do this for 4 weeks and this will give you an idea of what changes you need to make in your training in order to make progress and keep gaining muscle.

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2. Stop trying to "confuse" your muscles

People spend so much time in the gym trying to “confuse” their muscles. They believe that if they change their sessions up completely every time that this will magically confuse their muscles into growing.

This is not the case and muscle confusion does not exist, it is another fitness myth that has gained far too much limelight.

That time you’re wasting on trying to confuse your muscles could be spend trying to bring up your squat, or trying to squeeze a few more extra reps on your bench. These are the sort of goals you want to be spending your time on in the gym.

Now we are not saying that you stay with the same program for years and years, because you will plateau and become bored stiff.

You should change your program every 6-8 weeks. But we are talking about switching a back squat to a front squat or changing your rep ranges.

We are not talking about doing insanity one week and then the next week you’re doing crossfit and then the week after that you’re doing PX90. You’re not confusing your muscles here you’re going to fucking kill them!

3. EXTREME is not always the answer

The fitness industry has developed this attitude that more is ALWAYS better. The more extreme and more advanced your training program is the better your results will be right?

This has led to every single trainer in the gym making their sessions as hard as possible.

If you haven’t at least thrown up in your mouth then the session was a complete waste of time. But this sort of mentality is moronic and it does not lead to long term results.

Every single session includes vast amounts of drop sets, giants sets and supersets and while these techniques can be helpful every now and again. But if you are using them every single session the likelihood is that you will not be recovering from them.

Get back to what works, what has been proven to work by science and what people have been doing for years in order to get jacked!

Get back to some straight sets, yes straight sets and every single week focus on improving your sessions. Focus on adding an extra 2.5kg onto the bar every few weeks, try and add a few more reps on the same weight, try adding a few more sets to the exercise. So if week 1 you start on 3 sets of squats by week 4, you should not still be on 3 sets but maybe 5 sets.

What I have describe above is a very simple and basic way to steadily up your training volume and makes sure that you are following some sort of progressive overload model. These are the two main principles that will get you jacked. Doing 4 triple drop sets on lateral raises will not get you jacked!

4. Give it Time

I know from past experience how tempting it is to hop on bodybuilding.com and follow the latest and newest training program that has been endorsed by some freakishly muscular guy.

Every 4 – 6 weeks you’re on a different program which has been by endorsed by a different guy, but program hopping gets you absolutely nowhere and I am speaking from experience. Below is a list of programs I tried when I was in my early 20s. Now I have nothing against any of the names on the list, it was my fault for being one of those guys who program hops at every opportunity.

Kris Gethin's DTP 4 Weeks to Maximum Muscle

Arnold's Blueprint To Mass

Dorian Yates Blood & Guts Trainer

Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Size

Marc Megna’s 8-Week AMP Trainer

                                                       This program fucking destroyed me!!

                                                      This program fucking destroyed me!!

Like I mentioned I have nothing against these guys. But some of these programs were absolutely mental! Some had me training 7 days a week with an insane amount of reps. For a 23 year old skinny guy, who does not have great genetics for building muscle this was a recipe for disaster.

Program hoppers get nowhere, in fact they go backwards and never really make progress.

My advice to you is pick a plan.

Stick with that plan religiously for 8 weeks.

Track that 8 weeks of training.

If that plan had the desired effect and you made progress, make some slight changes with exercises, sets and reps nothing crazy.

Rinse and Repeat.

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5. Don't suffer in Silence

One of my biggest mistakes and regrets when I was younger, was letting my ego get the better of me. I thought because I had some decent arms and a six pack that I knew it all. Where in reality back then I knew fuck all!

If you’re training in the gym right now and you’re not getting the results you want I urge you to ask for help, it is the best thing you can do for your progress.

Ask a fitness instructor in your gym, maybe just book in for a few personal training sessions for advice and guidance or ask us!

One of the main reason we formed SJ Fitness was to help as many people as we can, not to make the same mistakes we did for years and years. We are extremely passionate about this goal and we are on a mission to help people just like you.

So please don’t suffer in silence!

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So there you have it. Like I promised no lions or sheep were mentioned in this blog, but what you do have above is 5 practical ways in which you can start using today in order to become unstoppable in the gym and start seeing the results you want.

Okay I couldn’t resist here is one of those Lion motivation posters below