Addicted to clean eating, pre workouts and fake tan

Written by Joe

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5.15am the alarm goes off.

I stumble downstairs, or fall down the stairs if the day before was leg day.

Reach in the fridge get my oats that have been soaking in water overnight, in the microwave add two scoops of protein and try and get it down me.

Then proceed to take all my supplements at one point the amount of tablets, was silly tonnes of BCAA tablets!

Then out the door off to work.

Spin class first thing, so I had to take my pre workout to make sure I am up for it and hey spin classes are all about killing yourself right!

Spin over another scoop of protein. That's 3 scoops of protein and we are only at 8am.

Next meal, tin of mackerel and lots of nuts, because carbs are evil and its all about the good fats right Mr Wicks.

Clients throughout the day, sipping on water and tonnes and tonnes of green tea, because coffee is bad, fizzy drinks are evil and I don't touch chemicals.

Ah lunchtime surely things will get better.

Open the Tupperware, oh dear chicken breast, cold greens and some brown rice if I'm lucky! But I'm a warrior and this is the price we pay.

Pre workout time another scoop of ultra strength pre workout to get me through the workout, followed by tonnes of curls, flys and lateral raises. Do as much as I can until I cant go on, because its all about


This I'm  afraid to say was a typical day for me and one I repeated for several years in my early 20s. Until one day it dawned on me what the hell I am doing its not that I am getting dream results.

I was spending hours and hours in the gym a week and my diet and social life was as about exciting as the antique roadshow.

There must be another way.

This lead me to seeking out a different way, a way where I could continue my passion for working out and keeping healthy without it consuming my life!

This ultimately lead to the birth of SJ Fitness.

Below is some of the reasons why devoting yourself to "clean" eating may be the wrong way to go   

First of all I hate to break it to you. But calories do in fact count. If they meant absolutely nothing. Then we would be saying that the basic law of thermodynamics means nothing and we should just rely on hear say and what the guys at the gym say. If your eating more calories than you need, you will put on weight even if you are eating "clean".

Which bring me to my next point. Just because your food is "clean" does not mean its high in calories. Many "clean" foods can be very high in calories and can lead to you eating more calories than you actually need.


Oily fish


Olive oil

Coconut oil

MCT oil


Grass fed butter

All of these foods are classed as "clean" but they are all extremely high in calories per serving.

If you are constantly trying to eat "clean" and your diet and nutrition is so boring. You will end up resenting it. When the chance comes to cheat on your diet, you will probably grab it with both hands. Even a small slip up, can lead to a full on binge.

This is so true for people who stick to their diet religiously throughout the work week, as soon as Friday evening comes, you cant take it anymore. You feel you deserve a treat, as the weekend progresses these treats just keep on snowballing and by the end of Sunday, you are feeling extremely guilty and feel that you need to be even stricter with the diet come Monday morning.

Your just stuck on this roundabout that you cannot get off!

There is still no clear, hard scientific evidence that "clean" eating has any distinct advantage over any other way of eating. All we have to go on is people experiences with it and to be honest with you, the reason "clean" eating might be working so well for them is because they are restricting calories with this way of eating, even if they don't know about it.

Another argument for "clean" eating is that we must avoid chemicals. There are chemicals all around us, as soon as you step outside your inhaling chemicals. There are chemicals in ALL of our food. But the doses are extremely small and cannot do us serious damage, if this was the case the majority of the population would have serious illnesses due to chemicals in food.

My unhealthy relationships with pre workouts

  This supplement became quite a problem for me. I found myself becoming reliant on them I felt that if I did not down one of these before a workout, that my session would be awful.

I was sucked in by the clever marketing and wild claims that they made when I was younger. I cannot tell you the amount of different products I tried ranging all the way from Muscle Marinade to The Curse. Yep they had ridiculous names!

Underneath I outline why you don't need this supplement and your be better off saving your money.

Most of the products out there contain proprietary blends, which means they list the ingredient but they don't have to tell you the amount of that ingredient.

This leads to you buying a product where all the main ingredients that have been proven to work are hugely under dosed and you are not getting your moneys worth at all. To give you that buzz and to make you feel like the product is actually working they just pack it full of caffeine and cheap carbohydrate fillers. So you are better off having a banana and black coffee if you like black coffee that is.

I will quickly tell you a personal story that made me shit myself and made me think twice about pre workouts. It was similar to the day I described above, I took a serving one before the spin workout early in the morning, then I took another before my weights workout. 10 minutes after this I started getting a weird feeling in my left hand, it started going numb, this numb feeling travelled all the way up my left arm into the left side of my face. Yes half of my face was numb, I did that arms workout with a numb face.

From that day onwards I started to change my pre workout habits.

The blog is from my perspective and from what I have learned over 8 years in this industry. Even though in my earlier years my methods may have been shit. I still had the same intentions of working out, improving my health and myself. In those 8 years I have tried many methods, in those 8 years I have done a lot of courses, I have done countless hours of reading not to mention hundreds and hundreds of hours in the gym myself.

I still train as hard as I did when I was 20, but I do not let it consume my life.

You can still get in great shape by enjoying the foods you love and enjoy.

Its not all about EAT CLEAN TRAIN DIRTY, If you employ this sort of attitude you will likely burn out, become fed up and tired with all the effort you are putting in, but seeing a complete lack of results.

I was the same for a good 5 years, but the results were very far and few between.

There comes a time when you need to look at yourself and say is this actually working for me and if its time to change.

If you are fed up with restricting every food you love.

If you are sick and tired of all the nutrition scaremongering that is out there.

If you want lose fat, build muscle and feel more confident, but do it in a way where the gym does not take over your life.

Then why not join our brand new FREE Facebook group. This group is all about helping people reach their goals without having to resort to extreme measure like I did.

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I will leave you with a quote from Albert Einstein

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results