5 Reasons why your not shredded

Summer is just around the corner!

Although you wouldn't think it,  with the awful weather we are having.

But it is June, and everyone in gyms around the globe is looking to lose bodyfat and get lean for the summer.

Below are 5 KEY mistakes that I feel many people make when it comes to getting shredded.

Why do I know these are key mistakes, well because I made every single one of these mistakes for years. I went on 3 big lads holidays, when I was younger and the main goal was to get shredded.

I wanted to look muscular but lean at the same time, and strut down the beach loving it!

I made every single one of these mistakes below. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.

Lets go!


#1 Your Eating Too Much


Now this one seems so simple and obvious!

Your probably thinking, it's common sense to eat less if you want to get shredded right.

But you will be surprised at how many people, do not know how much they are eating specifically how many calories they are eating. Especially when it comes to fat loss.

Your number one PRORITY when it comes to fat loss, should be making sure your in a calorie deficit. What I mean by this, is that you need to make sure you are taking in less calories in via food and drink than you are expending.

So if you don't know how may calories you are consuming, how do you know if your in a calorie deficit or not??

I talk to so many people in the gym, especially young males, who say

"I'm just not losing any weight but I'm eating clean"

When I ask them if, they are tracking their calorie intake or if they know roughly how many calories they should be consuming to be in a calorie deficit, they just look at me with a blank face.

Then they will reply with

"I don't need to track, I just eat clean"


If you want to get shredded, you must have a rough idea of how many calories, you need to be consuming. Give yourself the best possible chance to succeed.

If your looking to get shredded just by eating clean and eating 5-6 times a day, then you are basically going into battle without any weapons!

To find out how many calories you need to get shredded. Click HERE


# 2 Your Eating Too Much Fat

The last decade has really been the age of high fat.

From Paleo fanatics to putting coconut oil in every single cup of coffee. The world has truly gone fat mad and I can understand because a few years ago, I was in the same boat.

I was convinced carbs made you fat, which is total BS by the way!

But because I was avoiding carbs, that only left protein and fats, so a rather large percentage of my food intake was coming from fat.

I'm talking about

Tins of mackerel

Whole packets of nuts

A lot of high strength dark chocolate

and of course chucking coconut oil on everything!   

Now yes fat is a important macronutrient and it should be included in our diets in MODERATION!

But if you strip it down to the basics, fat is the most calorie dense macronutrient out of all of them. What I mean by this is that it contains 9 calories per gram, whereas protein and carbs only contain 4 calories per gram, and like I mentioned in point one being in a calorie deficit is your number one priority when it comes to fat loss.

The thing with fat is that its extremely easy to overeat on. I used to go through half a pack of brazil nuts, a couple of tins of mackerel and a fair few chunks of dark chocolate everyday, that is a lot of calories just with those 3 food sources, not to mention the rest of my food intake.

Just because a food is classed as "clean" or "natural" does not give us a free pass to eat as much of it as we like. It still has calories in it!

If your getting large amounts of your food intake through fat and your not tracking anything. There is a very high chance that you are eating in a calorie surplus.

Which means you will not be losing fat!


  #3 Your Not Lifting Weights

So you have decided its time to drop bodyfat and start getting lean. But for some strange reason you completely change up your training. So the training you did to build up the muscle in the first place goes completely out the window.

Instead you start doing these crazy insane high rep workouts, 50 reps on lateral raises, 30 reps on bench press and 20 reps on squats. Not to mentioned that these sort of workouts will probably make you feel sick, they will be extremely hard to recover from and your nervous system will take a battering.

I used to make this very same mistake when it was time to get shredded, I distinctly remember feeling sick and being sick after various leg sessions. Like I mentioned above though I always normally ended up injured or ill and guess what you can't get shredded if your injured or ill.

It sounds weird and counterintuitive, but when you are trying to lose fat, you still want to train for muscle in the gym. You still want to be lifting relatively heavy between 6-12 reps is a great range to work in.

The reason for this is simple.

You want to be shredded not skinny

It's quite simple just to lose weight.

But to lose fat, while protecting your hard earned muscle is a completely different story all together.

So you want to let your calorie deficit and your nutrition take care of the fat loss.

In the gym you still want to train for that muscle, your basically telling your body

"Look this muscle stays whatever okay" 

If you want to keep your muscle around click HERE  

Remember the goal is to get shredded

Anyone can just lose weight and get skinny.

The picture below shows this perfectly!

#4 Your Doing Too Much Cardio

Ah the great cardio debate.

Is cardio needed to get shredded?

If your main goal is to get shredded and by this I mean, you want to lose a significant amount of bodyfat, but you want to keep the majority of your muscle mass.

Then cardio should not be your priority, it should only really be used if progress has really stalled and you have tried everything else

I use myself as an example, in the picture above on the left hand side I used to do my fair share of cardio, especially getting up in the morning and doing a boring 40 minutes on the cross trainer!

On the right hand side, I can't remember exactly but I believe I only did around 6 cardio sessions in the whole 10 weeks of this fat loss phase, and these sessions were only added in the last few weeks as I did not want to drop my calories any lower.

When you first start a fat loss phase, cardio should not be your priority

You want to get your calorie deficit in order, then you want to come up with a training programme that is going to help you retain your muscle mass and this involves lifting weights.

If you go all guns blazing straight away.

You are putting your body into a huge stress cauldron!

Your already in a calorie deficit which is a stress on your body

Your already training with weights 3,4,5 days a week depending on your schedule, which is a stress to your body

You then want to dump a whole load of cardio on your plate, which again is another stress to your body?

Your much better off just being more active throughout the day, for example walking to the shops, taking the stairs, taking the dog out for a casual stroll. All of these activities are extremely easy to do, they are easy to recover from and you would be surprised of how many extra calories they burn throughout the day and week.

For fat loss, you want to keep as many tools is your toolbox

Cardio is one of the last tools you should reach for.

#5 Your Too Focussed on the Long Term

Now getting shredded, does not happen over night. It's going to take some time.

It could be 6,8,10 or even 12 weeks that it takes to get really lean!

Your holiday could be in 8 weeks for example.

From experience have that long term goal, then forget about it, constantly thinking about the long term goal and how far it is away, is only going to stress you out and stress is the last thing you want when your getting shredded.

You need to take your long term goal and break it down into tiny small goals and I mean tiny!

Taking each day as it comes is a bit of a cliché, but if your looking to get really shredded its a great tactic.

Here are a few things you can do every single day, that will ensure at the end of your goal, you are completely shredded!

1. Make sure you hit your calorie intake or as close to it as you can.

2. Ensure you are eating adequate protein

3. Get your training done

4. Take daily weigh ins

There you go 4 simple tiny goals, that you can do every single day or most days, that will ensure that you hit that long term goal.

I will tell you now, if you are consistent with these 4 daily goals every day, then you will achieve your long term goal, you will be shredded and you will be looking dream for your holiday.

Hey, this tactic worked for Leicester this season, the amount of times I heard Claudio Raneri, or the Leicester players in interviews, saying "we are just taking one game at a time" and they won the premiership!

So to get shredded take lessons from Leicester and take one day at a time.

So there you have it 5 Key mistakes to avoid if your looking to get shredded this summer.

Here's a round up:

Mistake 1: Your eating too much - fix this by knowing how many calories you need to get shredded. Click HERE for your calories.


Mistake 2: Your eating too much fat - fix this by eating fat in moderation! Around 20-30% of your total calories should come from fat.


Mistake 3: Your not weight training - fix this by lifting weights 3-4 times a week, we want to KEEP our muscle!


Mistake 4: Your doing too much cardio - fix this by only doing cardio, when you need to. Cardio is one of the last tools to use if your goal is to get shredded.


Mistake 5: Your too focussed on the long term - fix this by breaking your long term goal, into tiny daily goals.


What to do next:

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Happy shredding people!