5 unsexy, NON BS ways to get shredded in 2017.

So January is now upon us. The month of the year where all the health “gurus” will tell you that you can get into dream shape by eating almonds and waving glowsticks in the air, or all the hardcore bros will say you just gotta “Eat clean and train dirty!”

The month of the year where every single mainstream article details every fad diet under the sun.

The month of the year where every single Z list celebrity brings out a fitness DVD, that promises that you can get into amazing shape just by working out 5 minutes a day. (I wish!)

Well this article is going to be slightly different.

If you want the sexy, gimmick articles that do not apply to the real word and that you cannot really benefit from in the long term, then don’t read this article and go and read the fitness section of the Daily Mail.

But if you want 5 ways that you can actually start using today that will actually help you get shredded this year, then please read on.

None of the points I am going to mention are groundbreaking, but the most important part is that they work IF you apply them. If you read this and think I knew all that but you don’t actually do anything about it, well then that is as bad as not knowing at all!

Let’s get going!

# 1 – Commit to it!

Now before you start getting into the real specifics of calories, macros, set, reps etc. You have to actually commit to the goal, now you may be thinking what is he talking about, I have committed to it, I have set myself goals.

But have you really?

Have you really committed to the goal?

Make yourself accountable to the goal.

Write it down somewhere, where you can see it every single day.

Tell friends and family about your goal, tell people at work, tell people on social media. This way you are making yourself extremely accountable to that specific goal.

For example if you tell every man and his dog that you will have a six pack come June and your still in the exact same shape you are now, you look pretty stupid.

That is really committing to the goal, instead of just saying to yourself “oh I will do that this year”

Commit to it and give it all you have!


# 2 – Don’t jump in at the deep end

I did a Facebook post about this the other day, the tendency for the majority of people when it comes to January is to jump right in at the deep end!

They go all in right away, without even thinking and this can lead to problems further down the line especially if you are looking to get shredded.

So if your goal is to get ridiculous shredded this year and you jump right in at the deep end, you will probably cut your calories very low whether you know it or not.

You may start cutting out whole foods groups and try to go zero carb, which is a very bad idea if you want to get shredded.

You will probably start hitting the gym 6 days a week and engaging beast mode every single time, you may even throw in a few cheeky cardio sessions in at 6am.

This is jumping right in at the deep end, if you’re looking to get shredded.

Why not get your feet wet first and start swimming up to the deep end as the weeks go on.

So if you want to get shredded this year, start off in a slight calorie deficit maybe 100-200 calories below your maintenance and see how you respond. If you start losing weight at a sensible rate happy days! But when you stop losing weight you have room to move and you can simply take off another 100-200 calories.

Whereas if you went gung ho with your calories at the start and went crazy low to begin with, where do you go when the weight loss starts to stall?

Same with your training if you just go beast mode every session without a specific plan at all, you will end up coming unstuck!

You need to plan your training out to ensure you get the best possible results, otherwise you just end up trying to blag it.

I wrote a whole blog on how you should structure your training to ensure you get dream results.

Pay close attention to points 2 & 3. Click HERE to read that blog.

                    The feeling of going ZERO carb

                   The feeling of going ZERO carb

# 3 – Track and Measure

There is that old saying that says “what is not measured is not managed” and that is so true when it comes to getting shredded.

You need to ensure that you are tracking certain variables, this will then give you a very good indication if your training and nutrition are working. If you have the data and things are not going to plan then you can changed something. If you have no data at all then you are just pissing in the wind!

I am not saying you have to get extremely anal and start tracking every single variable of your life. But there are few key metrics to keep an eye on if you are looking to get shredded this year.

1. Track your bodyweight. I know people always say screw the scales and you don’t need to use the scales. But if you’re trying to get shredded then your bodyweight will give you a very good idea of how you’re doing over a significant period of time. Try taking your bodyweight first thing in the morning, get a good 4-5 weigh ins, that will give you a fairly reliable average weekly weight. You can then compare weekly weight as the weeks go on. If you’re losing bodyweight you’re on track, if you start stalling you have the power to make a change because you have the data.

2. Take certain body measurements. If the goal is to get shredded that means you still want to be muscular. Taking measurements of certain muscle groups will give you a good idea if you’re retaining muscle, while you lose body fat. Try tracking at least both arms, your chest and your quads every 4 weeks. If these measurements stay relatively the same and your scale weight is coming down, chances are you are on a one way ticket to shredzville!

3. Take progress pictures. Probably one of the most accurate ways to track body composition. The saying goes the mirror never lies and that is true to a certain extent. But taking progress picture every 4 weeks in the same conditions is a very reliable way to ensure you are making progress. It also acts as a powerful motivator, if you can see the physical changes in your body every 4-6 weeks this will keep you going to the gym and keep you consistent.


# 4 – Don’t go it alone

Sometimes with gym related goals we let our ego get in the way of real progress. I was exactly this way when I was in my earlier 20s, I thought I knew it all when it came to building muscle and getting shredded. But in reality I had only scratched the surface.

But because of my ego getting in the way and me not asking for help and not being honest with myself, my results and progress suffered big time! If only I had reached out for help back then I would be in a lot better position than I am now, isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing.

We are now in 2017 and help can come in many different forms. Listen to podcasts, read books, listen to audio books. Not to mention the world of social media, follow respectable evidence based coaches like SJ Fitness, join free Facebook groups that give out a ton of useful and actionable content like our FREE Facebook group which you can join HERE.

There is no reason to suffer in silence anymore. One of the main reason we started and formed SJ Fitness is because we suffered in silence for years and let our ego get in the way. Now there are so many ways to reach out for help and potentially give you a shortcut to the GAINZ you want. 

# 5 – Learn to enjoy it!


I am not going to bullshit you, because that is what this articles is all about. Getting shredded is tough, it takes a certain amount of dedication and sacrifice.


But anything dream you achieve in this life you’re going to have to sacrifice some things in order to get the results you want.


The key is to learn to enjoy the process of getting shredded, I have spoken about this in the past. Set yourself small daily goals that you can hit every single day that contribute to you getting shredded.


This could be as simple as hitting your calories for the day, getting adequate protein in and completing your training when you need to. 3 simple daily goals that you can do every single day, they may not bring much results in isolation but if you stack those 3 goals up every single day for weeks and months then you are going to be pretty shredded by the end.


Enjoy the process of seeing your body change, the fact that this will improve your health, bring you more self-confidence and of course will get you shredded!


Enjoy the fact that you will be learning along the way. Learning more about nutrition, learning more about calories, learning more about certain types of food and how you can fit them into your daily nutrition and still get dream results.


More importantly enjoy the process of learning more about yourself. That is the one thing I absolutely love about training, lifting weights and bodybuilding, I learn more about myself every week and month.


Learn to love the process of getting shredded!



There we have it.


5 unsexy NON BS ways to get shredded in 2017.


Like I said nothing ground breaking here, but these things simply WORK!


It is what you do now with this information that counts, if you take one thing from this article and put it into action and it benefits you then this articles has served its purpose.


It is all about taking action!


If you want to take more action and talk to SJ Fitness about your goals in 2017 then that is awesome.


We would be more than happy to chat to you and see how we can help you get dream results!