Skinny Bro to Shredded Coach

The 5 Key Changes I Made To Turn It Around

Hey it’s me again that coach that loves to bang on about training and nutrition all the time. In my last blog which you can check out HERE, I went through the 29 lessons that I learned along the way from a baffled, skinny bro who just wanted to build some muscle and gain some confidence to a evidenced based coach who is confident in his abilities to get himself into dream shape but more importantly to get other people into dream shape.

In this blog I am going to go through the 5 key changes that I made not just to my training and nutrition habits, but also my mind set, my work ethic and my general outlook. These are 5 simple changes that I made, but anybody can make the same changes and the results you see will be huge!

But before we get onto those 5 key changes that I made.

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Now on with the blog.

1. Stopped making excuses

When I look back at all those wasted years in the gym wilderness, I ask myself one question “did I really want it as bad as I said I did?” I go on and on about how I wanted to build muscle, have a six pack, and gain more confidence.

But did I really?

Because there always seemed to be some excuse with me when I was younger. The main one was genetics, now our individual genetics do play a role in how much muscle we can gain naturally. But I was only just starting out for Christ sake I was light years away from my genetic potential and I am still a long way away from it today. My thoughts on this topic now are, yes I do not have the best genetics for building muscle, but I cannot do anything about that, what is the point of worrying about something you just cannot control. I now spend all of my time focusing on the stuff that I can control when it comes to training and nutrition and I urge you to do the same.

Secondly there was always a little niggle or an injury that I thought was holding me back. Firstly that was my own fault for training beast mode for the majority of the time, believe me when I say if you go beast mode all the time in the gym you will come unstuck, I have been there, done that and literally bought the t-shirt. So I learned how to train with a purpose and how to actually progress my training from week to week, month to month applying the things that have actually been proven to work and get you building muscle fast. Again I recommend you do the same spend some time learning about training and how to train with a purpose or ask someone who knows like me. If you go to the gym day after day without a plan and just go crazy in there you will get injuries like I did and I used these injuries as a big excuse into why I was not getting the results but really it was my own fault for not training properly.

So again I take you back to my original question “did I really want it that badly?”

Excuses at the end of the day, they just get in the damn way! If you want something bad enough you will not make excuses.

I want to be in the best shape possible, I want to be the best coach I can be for SJ Fitness and all of our clients and I will make that happen, I have stopped making excuses.

I will finish this section with a quote because everyone loves a quote. This is from Florence Nightingale.

“I attribute my success to this - I never gave or took any excuse.”

2. Invested in myself

This is a huge one for me, back in my younger days I was just spending money on pointless shit, stuff I didn’t really need. There is a big difference between spending money and investing money and that is something I think about today. I will think of investing my money so going to a weekend course or seminar, enrolling on Mac Nutrition to become a certified nutritionist is all investing money for me because I know it is going to benefit me in the long term. Whereas back in the day I was just spending money on pointless stuff that to be honest I did not really need, stuff like expensive clothes, watches and awful supplements lol!

Also when you mention investing people automatically think about money, but it is not all about money. It also comes down to investing more time and work into something and that is something I do now. I spend more time reading and researching about training and nutrition, I put more work into SJ Fitness and getting all of clients dream results, I really have tried to improve my work ethic and I will continue to do so.

If you want to get fired up about working listen to this dream podcast with HHH on Joe De Franco’s podcast.

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But don’t get me wrong I do like chilling out and taking some time out, right now I am loving watching Suits on Netflix, Harvey Specter is the man!

3. Hired a coach

This brings me onto my next point perfectly. We all need help at some point in time, we cannot do it all on our own. Building muscle, gaining strength, losing body fat and improving your physique can be tough sometimes and it takes a bit of time.

Even though I knew a huge amount about training and nutrition, I still wanted to take my results further and learn more. Also having a coach that supports you every single week, someone you can talk to and someone that takes all of the second guessing and stress out of training and nutrition is invaluable it truly is.

So I made a big investment and started working with Mr Steve Hall from Revive Stronger, I worked with Steve from June 2016 all the way through to February 17. We mainly worked on re designing my training and to make sure my training was productive, like I mentioned earlier you cannot just turn up to the gym and just wing it, there is a lot that goes into it.

Plus it took all the second guessing out for me and allowed me to focus more of my time and work on SJ Fitness, because Steve was designing all of my training for me. When it comes to our own training and nutrition is extremely hard to be impartial, but when you have a coach that you trust all you have to do is follow the process and enjoy the dream results!

Asking for help, finding and hiring a coach that you trust and that you get on with, I believe is the biggest and most beneficial thing you can do if you are serious about your results. It takes all the stress and second guessing out of the process, you trust your coach and you trust the process and you watch the results and progression come your way.

Me with coach Steve Hall after a classic bro session!

4. Stopped looking for the quick fix

Quick fixes are absolutely everywhere in the fitness industry, you cannot turn on the TV, go on the internet or log onto social media without seeing some sort of quick fix that promises you results fast! I fell for all of these back in the day and it led me to thinking that getting results would be very quick and easy and that is not always the case.

I was not helping myself with reading all of the popular fitness magazines that had headlines like “Build 30lbs of pure muscle in 30 days” or buy our brand new supplement that will boost muscle gains by 500%! But claims like this are everywhere in the fitness industry and it is human nature that we want these types of results, I wanted them and I believed them.

But what I can tell you is, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. All of these claims have one thing in common and it is not about getting people results, it is about making quick money.

One of the biggest breakthroughs for me in, getting and seeing results in my physique, was accepting that there are no quick fixes, there are no magic pills out there that will get you results overnight. Once I accepted that and I started to focus more on the process and working more on habits and routines, results started to come and ironically they started to come faster by taking this approach.

5. Just do the work

I am going to be brutally honest with you, if you want results in the gym you will have to put the work in. My work ethic absolutely sucked when I was younger, not just in the gym, but in life in general. I had this crazy and stupid idea that good things would just happen without me really putting any work in.

I have worked on my own work ethic over the last few years, sounds weird but I have really have had to work on it. I realize that if you want something you will have to put the work in, sometimes it’s not all chocolate and roses and somethings will suck, but if you just put the work in good things will happen.

For me right now I am in my 16th week of dieting for a photoshoot, I have been in a calorie deficit now for the longest time I can remember and sometimes everything just feels really slow lol! Sometimes the last thing I want to do is go to the gym and hit a leg session after a long day at work, but I now just tell myself to shut up! Turn up and just put the work in and normally I get a decent session out of it.

Years ago, that would not have been my mentality and it goes back to the start I probably would of told myself excuses and not put the work in.

I will leave you will another quote.

This one is from Will Smith, what a hero!

“I've viewed myself as slightly above average in talent. And where I excel is ridiculous, sickening work ethic.”

So there we have it the 5 key changes I made that took from skinny bro to shredded coach. Now I will stress that these are just the 5 key changes that I made and they have worked for me. This blog is not about preaching the way forward, because I still have a lot of work to do and I will continue to do so.

But I believe there are some dream lessons in this blog that you can benefit from so that you can get the best out of your training and nutrition and start seeing the results you want because that is what it is all about.

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Thanks for reading!

Coach Joe