The SHREDZ Manual: Chapter 1 - Setting up for the SHREDZ.

Here we go!

If you are looking to get lean and shredded, we have just the thing for you.

Introducing to you the SHREDZ manual, this will be your go to manual for everything fat loss, getting shredded and getting into absolute DREAM shape.

This will be a multiple part series and by the end of the manual you will be in a dream position to get absolutely shredded.

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Now onto chapter 1.

Setting up for the SHREDZ

We are starting the Shredz Manual off with something that the majority of people will normally overlook. I know I did when I was younger. You want to dive straight into the nitty, gritty of the training and nutrition.

What training programme should you follow?

How many days should you train?

How many reps should you perform?

Calories and macros.

How much protein should you consume per day?

Do you need to cut out carbs?

Now don’t worry we are going to cover all of this in other chapters of the SHREDZ manual, so you have that to look forward to.

But this chapter is all about setting the scene for the SHREDZ, setting yourself up for the win! Once you have all this covered, training and nutrition will be a walk in the park. But the majority of people will not spend a minute thinking about this sort of stuff. So that is what chapter 1 is all about.

Let’s set you up for the SHREDZ!

Find your why


This is crucial and so important if you want to see out your goal of getting shredded and get to the end point wherever that may be. You really have to have a clear why of why you are doing this. This will be your main driver and motivation throughout the whole process. If your why is not strong enough, when things get hard and tough and they will at some point this could lead you to give up with your goal of getting shredded.

This is exactly what happened to me, when I was younger my goal and my why was just not strong enough. I can honestly say the main reason I trained and lifted weights back in my early 20s was to impress girls so maybe they would pay me some attention and to try and impress other people. This why was not strong enough, yes it got me started in the gym so I do not regret it fully. But it is the reason I kept falling short of my goal to get shredded.

Things are very much different these days. I have fallen in love with the process of training and nutrition and I truly enjoy it. But I had a huge why into why I wanted to get absolutely shredded for a fitness photo-shoot. This year I turn 30 (getting on I know!) and even though I had always been in decent shape, I had never really been truly shredded and in dream shape. I had also let myself go a bit in 2016, a series of injuries and excuses had stopped me from training how I wanted to and my physique suffered.

Coming into 2017, I wanted a huge, big and scary goal. I set myself the goal of getting into absolute dream shape before I turned 30, get absolutely shredded, test and push myself to the limit and do this fitness photo-shoot.

That was my why and it was always on my mind, when things got tough and I was thinking about stopping especially in the last 4 weeks, I always went back to my why and that got me through.

So before you start looking at training programmes, calories and macros, think about your why. Get really specific with yourself, find a clear why and you will be one step ahead of the game.

Below is a picture of my why.

The picture on the left was the spark for me, I took this picture in April 2016 and I was shocked by the condition I had let myself get into. I have not shared this picture much as I was a bit embarrassed. But I saved it and it was always on my mind during the whole process, I was determined to completely change my physique.

Beat Yourself

The next important part of the SHREDZ puzzle, is to forget about other people and focus on yourself. Don’t let other people’s goals and physiques dictate your goals. Another huge mistake I made when I was younger (yep I made ALOT mistakes in my earlier days!) But when I was younger I was so focused on other people and what they were doing. Looking at everybody else in the gym thinking

“Why is he bigger than me?”

“Why he is more shredded than me?”

“What is he doing differently to me?”

This did me no favours what so ever and the focus was never on me or my goals, don’t let this happen to you. The fact of the matter is everybody is different, genetics play a HUGE role in how well we respond to weight training and nutrition.

Don’t get me wrong we can all see dream results in the gym if we apply the basic principles consistently, but some people will just see results quicker.

Do any of you know that guy, who always seems to be in dream shape?

He is always big, jacked and shredded, but his training is pretty poor all he does is go beast mode and work his chest out 24/7. Not to mention the fact he has no idea when it comes to nutrition and just eats whatever he wants and has no idea what a calorie or macro is, yep it is a very good chance that this guy has some amazing genetics or maybe getting help from elsewhere. So there is no point comparing yourself to this guy.

You can only ever compare and beat your former self, that is the best measuring stick and will set you up for huge wins when it comes to getting shredded.

That is why progress pictures are so helpful, like the one above. As long as you are improving on yourself making gains and strides in your own physique that is all that matters. Really try hard to focus on that at all times, take progress pictures every 4-6 weeks and see the small changes you are making and celebrate these changes, then use that as extra drive and motivation to kick on even more and make more improvements.

That is all we had on our minds for this photo-shoot, we did another photo-shoot in 2015 and the goal was always to beat ourselves from 2 years ago.

Below you can see a full comparison of the 2 photo-shoot’s that we have now done. For this year’s photo-shoot we both came in lighter but more muscular, which was always the goal.

Set the Goal, Enjoy the Journey


The goal and the why is extremely important and they must be set in stone in order for you to get shredded. But once they are all set, it is time to start off on the journey and focus on the process of getting absolutely shredded.

If you’re looking to get lean and shredded, it will not happen overnight or in a couple of weeks. It will take months of doing the right things consistently, now I know that sounds boring and consistency is not the most sexiest interesting thing. But being consistent will be a huge factor into how shredded you can actually get.

That’s why it’s so important that you enjoy the process and the journey of getting shredded, if you can focus on doing the small little things every single day and enjoy doing them, well then it is only a matter of time before you get well and truly shredded.

Here are just a few of the things I did every single day, no matter how awful I was feeling.

1.       Weighed myself first thing in the morning

2.       Kept hydrated

3.       Stayed within my calorie deficit

4.       Ate enough protein

5.       Trained when I was scheduled to

6.       Hit between 8-10k steps a day.

Now none of those 6 things are extreme or revolutionary, but because they were fairly simple and straightforward I was able to do them the majority of the time and I can honestly say that 90% of the time I did these 6 things every single day for 21 weeks.

It’s not sexy, you cannot sell it, but believe me it works!

Not to mention after your goal is complete these habits are so engrained in you that you will just do them automatically and that go only benefit you in the long term when it comes to health and fitness.

The road to getting shredded will not be straight forward, but if you can do the small things every single day, you are on the right path.

                                              What the road to shredzville may look like

Give Yourself the Best Chance


It’s 2017 and we are hoping that the days of plain chicken and broccoli in Tupperware, going beast mode in the gym 24/7 and drinking BCAAs throughout the day are dying out, we can only hope right.

If you’re looking to get really lean and shredded, there is no denying that it is going to be tough and challenging at some points that is a given. So why not make the whole process, a bit more easier on yourself, this will give you a much better chance of actually achieving your goal of getting shredded and not falling short.

That is why we are huge fans of flexible dieting and not viewing foods as just good and bad. By using a flexible approach to your nutrition, while getting shredded you are putting all the power and control back in your own hands. As human beings the more restrictive and the more extreme that we get the more our bodies will push back against us.

For example if you take a full on “clean” eating approach for the whole duration of your goal, where all you eat is plain chicken, green veg, some rice and down a couple of protein shakes a day, how long can you see yourself sticking to that? A few weeks, a month? Probably not very long before you get sick and tired of it all and if you’re not consistent with it you will not get the results you want.

To find out more about flexible dieting and how you can start using it for your goals and how you can use it to your advantage to make your life easier.

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Same with training in the gym, to get that look of being lean and shredded, to protect all your lean muscle but at the same time lose fat, you will need to train with weights multiple times a week. But you have to approach your training in the right way. You cannot just turn up to the gym, engaged beast mode and work the muscle groups out you feel like all the time. Taking this sort of approach to training will only lead to burnout a lack of motivation and probably injury and if your injured and don’t feel like training you will not be able to get shredded.

We will be covering both training and nutrition for getting shredded in much more detail in future chapters of the manual.

But for now keep it in mind that there are ways and methods that will allow you more control over the results you can get. There is no point making things much harder on yourself if you don’t need to.

Get Shredded or Die Trying??


Now if you’re reading this blog and you have made it all the way to the end, it is obvious that you are serious about your goals and you want to get lean and shredded which is awesome!

We absolute love working with people who are serious about their goals and we want to help people like you get the results that you want.

But sometimes it can be a huge advantage to put getting shredded into perspective, we have to realize that it is our goal and we are doing this to ourselves. You can get so wrapped up in the goal of getting shredded and lean that you shut yourself off from the rest of the world. I was guilty of this towards the end of my photo-shoot prep. I was so focused on the goal and I did not want anything to ruin it, so towards the end it was just a case of eat, train, Netflix, sleep, repeat. I cut myself off from family and friends and I do not recommend this.

That is why putting the shredz into perspective can be a huge positive for you, try and work the goal into your daily lifestyle and alongside what you do day to day. This way it will just become another thing that you are doing and will make the whole process easier.

Having the mentality of get shredded or die trying is only going to come back and bite you in the arse.

So that is chapter 1 done and dusted of the SHREDZ manual and we put this chapter first because everything we spoke about here is setting you up for the SHREDZ.

If you think about all of these points, maybe start writing some of them down so you are clear in your own mind of why you are doing this and how you are going to do.

When the time comes to start thinking about training and nutrition, you will be so far ahead of the game, because of this chapter.

Like we mentioned earlier in the blog, we love and enjoy working with people who are serious about their goals and the fact you have made it to the end of chapter 1, we are assuming you are someone who is serious about getting lean and shredded.

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We will be back with chapter 2 very soon!

Thanks for reading