Don't make fat loss sexy!

"I want it all and I want it now" What a dream song that was by Queen and Freddie.

But it perfectly sums up how we go about fat loss today and how we want everything right this minute.

We want results now!

I get it, but when it comes to fat loss getting into shape you need some patience!

As the famous quote says "good things come to those who wait"

That is where all of these crazy fad diets prey on us, they play on our emotions, they know what buttons to push.

They promise us the one thing we all want when it comes to fat loss and that's results and even better they promise these results extremely quickly!



So why shouldn't we look to these sexy new fad diets that promise us the results we so badly want and they give us these results quicker.

Let me outline the key reasons why fad diets for actual fat loss are garbage and you should avoid them if you actually want true results that will stand the test of time


The biggest reason people fail with their sexy fat loss diets, is that they expect absolute perfection from themselves. Its the classic attitude of all or nothing, which I personally have been very guilty of in the past.

Your either on the diet or your off the diet. There is absolute no in between, everything is going fine when your on the diet, but what happens when you slip up. Noticed I put when you slip up because the vast majority of people will slip up its just a matter of time unless your a robot with no taste buds!

It could be the tiniest of slip up, you have one biscuit with a cup of tea and before you know it half the packet of chocolate digestives has gone. Straight away the feeling is well I have royally screwed my diet up today I might aswell carry on and get back on the wagon tomorrow. Your forever on the fad diet roundabout. So that day becomes a full on binge and by the end of the day your overwhelmed with guilt! Believe me I have been there when I have been on these stupid low carb diets.

If your attitude, when it comes to fat loss and dieting is anything less than perfection is failure, then quite frankly you are setting yourself up to fail from the get go.


The second main reason most people fail with fat loss diets, is that they are always focusing on the short term.

You want to lose this amount in 4 weeks, if you don't lose it you feel like you have failed. That is why many of us resort to these extreme, sexy sounding fad diet because they say they can get results in a short amount of time.

Yes you will lose weight on a fad diet, but I ask you this how much of this weight is true fat loss?

A big majority of the weight loss will come from losing water weight and other factors, plus you may even lose some muscle if you are doing high amounts of cardiovascular work with this diet.

Another big issue with these diets is that once the individual has hit their weight loss or fat loss goal. They go back to their normal way of eating, that made them overweight in this first place. So you go from a low calorie diet, to a high calorie diet in a very short space of time, which leads to significant weight gain.

The research shows that the vast majority of  individuals who use fad diets, will not only put the weight back on, but may also gain extra weight on top of this once the diet is over.

The fact we all must face if we want to lose fat and maintain that fat loss, is that we must start to put in place small changes both in our diet and exercise habits that we can maintain in the long term. 


We always try to encourage people to make fat loss simple.

We do not believe in all of these sexy fad diets that promise us the world but deliver very little.

Just because it has a fancy name and all these weird and wonderful products that go with it, does not mean it will work.

Yes we are very boring when it comes to fat loss!

We do the stuff that we know works and has been proven to work, not just in the short term, but also in the long term.


You absolutely have to get your big rocks in place before you even start to consider any other measures.

What do I mean by Big Rocks?

I mean the stuff that works.

The stuff that doesn't get plastered over the daily mail

The stuff that isn't endorsed by some Z List celebrity.

Here are a few of our Big Rocks that will always be part of our plans.

  1. Ensure you are in a overall calorie deficit for the week
  2. Make sure at least 80% of your overall food intake is made up of whole foods
  3. Ensure that you consume enough protein, especially if you are training
  4. Pick and find a way of eating that suits your lifestyle. You need a way of eating that you can stick to and be consistent with.
  5. Don't lose a tonne of weight in a very short space of time, this will be harder to maintain. Aim for 0.5lb to 1.0lb of weight loss a week
  6. Lift some weights, use your diet to lose the fat, use the weights to keep the muscle and build a dream physique!

Now none of these points, may sound new, sexy or interesting.

But the point is they all work and if you combine them together, they become extremely effective for losing fat and keeping it off!

Both me and Simon will be covering this topic in a lot more depth in our FREE facebook group launching very soon.

Nutrition is becoming even more of a minefield and understanding the ins and outs of it, is on par with searching for the Da Vinci code!

So me and Simon are going to do something about it and launch this free group.

It will be available to everyone who has an interested in losing fat and keeping it off.

So keep your eyes peeled because