Fitter in 30 is back!


Sick and tired of following every single fitness and nutrition fad out there?

FRUSTRATED with a lack of progress?

Fed up with following strict nutrition rules as long as your arm?

Unhappy with not seeing the results you deserve?


What makes fitter in 30 so special?

Fitter in 30 is all about getting you the results you want without all the fads and gimmicks.

We want you to enjoy training.

We want you to eat foods you enjoy and even have the OCCASIONAL glass of wine.

We want you to enjoy weekends with family and friends.

But more importantly we want you to get results and then keep those results.

Here is what you will get on the fitter in 30 plan:


12 Semi-private Personal Training sessions

 During the 30 days you will receive 12 semi private personal training sessions. 3 training sessions each week. All 12 sessions will be coached and delivered by us, they are designed and planned so anybody can pick them up quickly and start seeing progress, plus we will be there with you training and coaching you. We will will tweak and change the sessions based on you and what you need. All sessions will be delivered in our amazing private studio in the middle of Southborough.


The SJ FITNESS Nutrition seminar

At the very start of fitter in 30 we will be doing a full nutrition seminar, for all fitter in 30 members. This will really set the scene for the next 30 days when it comes to nutrition. The aim of the seminar is to take all of the confusion out for you, so you can start focusing on what works and what will get you results. Again the seminar will take place in our private studio.

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Each member of fitter in 30 will receive a completely customized nutrition plan based on you and your lifestyle. Again here at SJ Fitness we do not believe in fad diets and strict nutrition rules. We will create a simple and effective nutrition plan for you to follow that does not take out all your favorite foods. You will also receive constant support and coaching throughout the 30 days on all things nutrition.




Access to the private fitter in 30 facebook group.

This is where the magic will happen! We want to give you all the support you need not just in the gym but outside the gym as well. The private Facebook group is perfect for us giving you that extra support and advice when you need it. Plus we will really aim to create a supportive, welcoming, motivating atmosphere in the group and of course have some fun along the way too!


The fitter in 30 debrief

After the 30 days we will sit down and chat with you about the past 30 days. We will talk through all the amazing progress and results that you would of seen and how we can keep these results going long term.




You can get everything above and become a part of the next fitter in 30 team.

For just a one off payment of £99

That works out at just £8.25 a session, not to mention all of the extra support you get with fitter in 30.

NO COntract.

No risk whatsoever.



So are you in?


The next fitter in 30 starts on the 30/10/17

There are only 20 spaces available.

First come, first serve.

Click below to apply for your spot on fitter in 30.

Speak Soon

joe, Simon & Flo 


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