The SJ Fitness Starter Pack is 4 e-books in 1, that is designed to help you reach your full potential in and out of the gym. Here's what you get:


  • "The No Fad No Gimmick Guide to Losing Weight"- We teamed up with fitness blogger Scott Edmed on this one which breaks down why quick fix diets are not the answer and how you can effectively lose weight for the long term.


  • "7 Essential Moves for More Gainz" This is your training book, which includes 7 moves you just can't ignore when it comes to building muscle and strength.


  •  "The SJ Fitness Cookbook and 21 Recipes for more Gainz"- Not one, but two, awesome recipe books! 42 dream recipes, with full calorie and macro-nutrient breakdowns of each one.

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