SJ Fitness are bang on; expert, friendly, always available, and genuinely concerned for you.
— James Henton, Team SJ Client

Online Personal Training

Thank you for checking out our services, by landing on this page we are pretty certain that you are serious about your goals and getting the results you want!

Now you’re probably thinking what on earth is online training?

You might be imagining us screaming instructions at a laptop screen, whilst you do a set of squats.

This is far from the truth, although we do use Skype and you very well may be doing squats!

Online personal training offers a more flexible, affordable alternative than 1 to 1 training.

Here at SJ Fitness we know what it’s like to slave away for hours in the gym every single week and not get the results you want. You can find out more about our "bro" days here.

But that just does not cut it, if your training hard in the gym you deserves results.

Our personalized online training will ensure that you get the results you want!

Want a six pack for that summer holiday? We can help you with that.

Want to pack on lean muscle? We can help you with that.

Want to increase your squat? We can help you with that.

Want bigger biceps? We can definitely help you with that!

Who are we looking for?

Now we don’t work with every Tom, Dick and Harry. If you are serious about getting results we will do everything we can to help you get these results.

Here is who we are looking to work with:

  • Trainees who are serious about getting results
  • Trainees who are dedicated and willing to put the work in
  • Trainees must have at least 6 months experience of training with weights
  • Trainees who do not have time but STILL want the best possible results.

If you tick all the boxes above. Then apply for a coaching spot with SJ Fitness below.

What do you get?

  • Free Initial Consultation - Discuss your goals and how SJ Fitness can help you get there.
  • Personalized Training Programme - The training will be based on your goals, lifestyle and schedule.
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan  - We will create a bespoke nutrition plan that WILL NOT get you eating chicken and broccoli 6 times a day.
  • Support and Accountability - Here at SJ Fitness we pride ourselves on the amount of support we provide with our coaching. With our weekly emails and video check ins, plus Skype consultations, we will be with you every step on the way making sure that your getting the results you want.
  • Community - You will become part of Team SJ and have access to our exclusive Facebook group just for Team SJ clients. You will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are all chasing the same thing. Plus Gold members will have access to a private Whatsapp group for faster response times.
  • Plus much MORE! - There's more! By joining Team SJ you will get access to a ton of free guides and resources. Including supplement guides, shopping lists and SJ Fitness clothing.

Online Training Prices

Free initial consultation

Customized training plan based on your goals

Bespoke nutrition plan

Custom Calorie and Macro targets

Weekly email and video check ins to monitor progress

Weekly and Monthly changes to training and nutrition

1 x 45 minute Skype consultation per month

Access to exclusive Team SJ Facebook private group

Free supplement guide

No contract, cancel at anytime


All of the silver features PLUS

2 x 45 minute Skype consultations per month

Exclusive Whatsapp group just for Gold members

Free SJ Fitness t-shirt

Free copy of our exclusive nutrition seminar " A simple and effective approach to nutrition"

No contract, cancel at anytime

Very professional, very helpful, very specified to your needs and goals with both nutrition and training.
— Elliot Power, Team SJ Client
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1-2-1 Personal Training

SJ Fitness also offer 1-2-1 and group personal training in Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks, in the Kent area.

We are results driven and firmly believe in fitting fitness and nutrition into YOUR lifestyle.

You won't just turn up once a week for 60 minutes, have a session with no plan, and be on your way until next week.

Alongside your personal training sessions, we provide fully bespoke and individualized training programmes, customized nutrition advice, ongoing support via e-mail and private Facebook groups/chat, free guides, recipes books, an SJ Fitness t-shirt and much, much more.

You'll have our 100% support as soon as you join the SJ Fitness team, to help you succeed with your fitness goals.

So if you want all the guess work taken out for you and put on a quicker route to the results you want, then simply get in touch today and we'll get back to you as quick as we can!