Simon and Joe, also known as SJ Fitness.



Back in 2012, SJ Fitness was born. So why have we only just begun?

Initially we tried setting up our own 1-1 personal training business, which, well didn't quite work out. So we decided to give ourselves a good few years of experience learning the tricks of the trade in work world of personal training, health, fitness and nutrition. Educating ourselves from the ground up, learning from other fitness professionals and applying this to ourselves and clients, we have now decided to turn our dream of running our own online coaching business into a reality.






As we started training back in our late teens, we were hooked, we got the "gym bug". With our primary source of information coming from muscle magazines and online posts, we were led astray.


We had no mentor to teach us the basics and didn't have a clue about nutrition. We trained the beach muscles for years, not really showing any real signs of progress, ignoring compound lifts and eating whatever we wanted.

We wasted a ridiculous amount of money on pointless supplements as that's what the bodybuilders said you had to take to get like them.

We went out every weekend with the lads, drinking ourselves into an oblivion then binging on junk food the day after and didn't know why we weren't making any real "gains" or progress. We were morons as the picture suggests!




But after 4-5 years of learning the hard way, we gradually started to educate ourselves, learning from the right people in the industry, train properly and take our nutrition seriously.


Not only do we look better now but we feel better in the gym and in life. You see the latter part of that sentence is what matters the most to us and our clients.


Yes, we want look good when we go out, when we train andwhen we look in the mirror but it's the psychological and health benefits that trump this in our opinion. Feeling good should be our number one priority when comes to training and nutrition. Ask yourself this, if you currently follow a training or nutrition programme.

  • Have good energy both in the gym and at home or work?


  • Feel productive and happy?


  • Sleeping well and recovering from training properly?


  • Have a healthy appetite and good relationship with food?


  • And the most important one for us, are you getting RESULTS?


If the answer to any of the above is no then it's time for a CHANGE.

SJ Fitness

Fitness and nutrition is there to enhance our lives, not hinder it. We should enjoy the journey, not suffer. You see so many restrictive diet plans out there that send people around the bend, giving them short term results, then they go back to square one and it's a vicious cycle that repeats itself. That is why the companies are still going!

And this this our mission. To eradicate all the fads, gimmicks and BS that surrounds this industry. To educate people and make a healthy and sustainable lifestyle change for the LONG TERM.

We want to get rid ofthis "quick fix" mentality where people are led to believe that there is a magic pill out there, that you can get a bikini body or 6 pack abs in 4 weeks.

What does get you these results is hard work, consistency, and time. But people don't want to hear that. We are here to spread this message, educate and help as many people as we can, but most importantly enjoy it along the way.

You can look good and feel good at the SAME TIMEwe are here to show you that. We want our clients to get RESULTS.

At the end of the day we all want three things when we following a training and nutrition plan, it's what we all deserve and what we'll guarantee. And that's to be:

  • Happier

  • Healthier

  • Stronger