A Simple and Effective Approach to Nutrition, Plus 4 Weeks Nutrition Support.

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nutrition talk front cover.jpg

A Simple and Effective Approach to Nutrition, Plus 4 Weeks Nutrition Support.


SJ Fitness presents "A Simple and Effective Approach to Nutrition"

This presentation will break down what really is important when it comes to nutrition and what will get you better results for the long term!

BONUS: You'll also receive 4 weeks nutrition support with this package which will include:

- Bespoke calories and macros breakdown, we'll set it all up for you, no guess work needed.

- Calorie and macro targets based on your current goals

- Weekly check-ins to monitor progress throughout the 4 weeks.

- Tracking and measurement sheets.

- How to set-up and use My Fitness Pal, plus how to implement flexible     dieting video and document.

- Full shopping list, with full calorie and macro breakdown of each food

- Private Facebook group for ongoing support throughout the 4 weeks.

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A Simple and Effective Approach to Nutrition covers everything from how stick to and enjoy a diet which will get you results, to supplements, to calories & macros, to some nutrition myths we should avoid!

The talk will focus on what works and what we need to spend more time on when it comes to nutrition, to really maximise our progress in and out of the gym.

The talk will cover all of this:

  • The fundamental principles of nutrition that you NEED to get the results you want!
  • Why calories matter and why we need to give them more respect
  • How much protein, carbs and fat you actually need (you don't need to cut out a whole food group!)
  • What are micronutrients and why you need them
  • Nutrition myths that are a joke and that you don't need to waste your time on
  • Supplements that can help you build muscle and get stronger
  • Supplements that are a complete waste of time and money!

Anyone who purchases this package will also receive 4 weeks nutrition support. You will need to fill out a short form provided upon checkout and we will be in touch ASAP to set it all up.

Here's what people have been saying about the talk:

"I keep singing your guys praises to everyone at the office, I thought you were really great.
Found your advice simple and easy to implement, it's definitely worth a watch!"- Lucy Kerby

"The guys covered everything, the basic steps to getting your nutrition right, whether you want to maintain, lose, gain weight. They explained everything clearly and what nutrition approach is best to reaching your goal. If people listen and take this in, they can't go wrong" Becky May

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