It’s a dream PT experience being part of team SJ Fitness!

I’ve been training with Simon for almost 7 months and I’m close to achieving the biggest goal that I’ve ever set myself. From the workouts he puts you through to the nutrition he advises you on, you can’t fault a thing. He knows your goal and puts you straight on the path to achieving it. He’s also so supportive in and out of your sessions, it’s like talking to a friend, so easy and it just works. Any question you give him, he’ll always have the best answer.

As well as this, he shows you how important it is to incorporate your training into your life so that you can still enjoy all aspects of it. Staying both happy and healthy!

My confidence has rocketed since i started training with him. I was so new to weight training when I started with Simon, that it was daunting at first but is now feeling so good. I thoroughly enjoy every session with Simon and know that he is always available when i need him.

Both Joe and Simon’s online support system is faultless. They’re there every day for support and for general fitness related knowledge that it feels like your interaction with them is 24/7. They constantly thrive on learning more to bring to the group. The guys both know what their clients want and they and never fail to deliver this. 
SJ fitness deserve more than 5 stars!
— Becky May
“The guys really helped me with my nutrition from the start and because of this I have been able push

past my old best and smash the 100kg bench press goal I had. The guys are extremely supportive and have always been available to offer help and advice. I can’t recommend them enough.
— Ian Jefferies
Joe and Simon have been coaching me over the last 9/10 weeks on flexible dieting training. For me personally this has been great and my results are the best I’ve ever had!

Being able to apply the things I know with this approach of still being able to factor in the foods I love has been ideal. It makes the nutrition side of training enjoyable and hasn’t resulted in me crashing out on the weekends.

I am currently trying to refer SJ Fitness to friends and family as I believe it is a great plan.

The boys are superb and I have seen how beneficial their ethos and coaching is, with the results I have achieved.

I really enjoy the blogs, recipes, videos and daily content they put on their social media pages.

I can also relate to their training mistakes of the past so I find the information spot on. This was very much a ‘cut’ for me so the intention was to get lean. I look forward to continue working with the guys with aim to pack on some muscle over the coming months”
— Tim Warran-Smith
I have recently finished 12 weeks of online coaching from SJ Fitness and I have got to say that I have loved it!

The main benefit of this compared to other plans is that I have tried to follow is that it is personalised to the individual’s needs and desires. Also, there were many tweaks made and advice given to me especially with my nutrition in order to support my workouts and goals.

The boys are unbelievably prompt at replying to emails and offer support, advice, encouragement and answer questions very thoroughly. I also think the weekly check ins is great as I received constant updated information and nutritional goals based on my results.

The boys have got me back into eating a greater variety of food types and eating carbs which I am very happy to do!  I am now eating a greater range of food, and have had the best results
on this plan both aesthetically and am feeling more energised than ever in years.

I enjoyed the initial 12 weeks so much that I have paid and received my next package of personal training.

Great work boys!
— Keiran Bradbeer
The guys are great and their programmes work!

I have learned and gained so much from their coaching and ethos. I started the programme at 69kg and managed to gain 6 kg of mass after a great 12 week programme.

I highly recommend their online coaching to anyone who is really looking to gain, improve their physique and push their own limits to the test
— Razzy Khan
Why did I choose SJ Fitness?

Easy, I wanted a no fads, simple to follow, but effective training and nutrition programme, and SJ Fitness has delivered this with fantastic results.

I thought I knew what I was doing with my nutrition and gym workouts, oh how I was wrong!

Starting the coaching with SJ Fitness gave me an easy to follow nutrition guide to give me energy throughout the day, but more important in the gym, to help me smash through my sessions!

I now have a training structure that is showing great results, week by week and if I have any questions, they are really quick to answer with good advice and full support.

I feel a lot happier, healthier and stronger since joining Team SJ and would definitely recommend them to anyone, whatever your goal is.
— Danny Major
Working with SJ Fitness has really helped me go from following bro science and any article I read, to following a structured programme with proper training and nutritional guides.

In just 8 weeks, I’ve dropped 3% body fat and gained muscle mass. As well as increasing my 4 big lifts, squats going from 1RM of 100kg to 137.5kg.

Not to mention the invaluable support and motivation the team offer online. Thanks SJ!
— Elliott Power
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I’ve loved every part of the journey!

There were some tough weeks in there and weeks I could only go to the gym twice but even with that the “gainz” kept on coming!

Simon and Joe really know their stuff and have really opened my eyes up to weight training.

I was never doing it wrong but could have been doing it better and the knowledge alone will continue with my goals! I train completely different now and I couldn’t thank you guys enough for it!

I’ve gained mass all over and couldn’t be happier, thanks lads and keep up the awesome work.

SJ Fitness deserves some recognition, you guys really know your stuff!
— Ben Hoey
SJ Fitness are bang on; expert, friendly, always available, and genuinely concerned for you.

I’m really enjoying the whole process. The weekly updates not only help me with the training but also with my energy and capacity for everyday life.

This is the perfect balanced approach that I needed to learn for my training ambitions, family and work.

Whilst I was sceptical about the online aspect vs. face time, it’s actually working out better for me. Their support is always there offline or online and it is much more convenient than trying to schedule a weekly static session.

In the 3 months I’ve been with SJ Fitness I have dropped over 10lbs and got to that elusive goal of 10% body fat, which I am extremely happy with!

I can’t thank the guy’s enough.
— James Henton